We truly enjoyed working with the RSH team. We have been in our home for almost a year now, and couldn’t be happier. We relied on their experience and high standards to guide us through the decision-making process before construction even began. Kevin created a timeless design that we love, and Heidi’s good taste and cost consciousness was of tremendous value throughout the construction. She helped us personize our home, but still maintain many historic features. I was also impressed with the many vendors and contractors they use. Each had pride in their workmanship and in their contribution to our home. Recently our son and his bride moved into a five-year-old home built by RSH. They had been looking for almost a year when they were impressed with the beauty, design, and quality of a particular house. They had not seen anything close to that quality for that price. Discovering that it was built by RSH was a big selling point, so they quickly made an offer. They recently moved into the home and love it!

Tommy & Sonda Watts,

Our family used RSH to build a new house for us in the Heights, and we could not have been more pleased with the process or the results. Rob, Heidi, and Kevin were exceptionally responsive, thoughtful, and respectful of our time and our budget. Rob and his team have a strong sensibility for the craft of homebuilding, and appreciate historical methods and forms, but at the same time are adept at transferring that expertise to more modern projects. That skill shows through in our home. Throughout every step of the design and building process, RSH worked seamlessly with our architect, and whenever we were faced with a decision – large or even very small – RSH always laid out the pros and cons and were totally transparent on cost. When people ask us about what it was like to build our own house, they expect us to relay a horror story, because that is so typical. But when we tell them how well all the parties worked together – us, builder, architect, designer, landscaper – and especially when they see how well the home came out – they almost have a hard time believing it. It really was a fun and rewarding process. And almost three years after the house was completed, Kevin still makes himself available to handle any deferred punch list items (deferred by us), and to assist with finding maintenance resources. In fact, we typically call some of RSH’s subcontractors – such as the painter and the electrician – to assist with routine upkeep around the house. We would highly recommend Rob to anyone.

Keith & Christi Guerrini,

Rob, Heidi, Kevin and the rest of their crew have been intimately involved in the gradual restoration of our 110-year-old home in the Houston Heights for the last 25 years and the construction of a home in the Heights that we have in the rental market. I don’t know if we would have been able to do all that we did and have it turn out as well as it did without their help. They have been involved in not only the physical side of the projects, but have also been invaluable in providing us with design and color coordination both inside and outside the home. Since day one we have been able to trust them to come and go as needed without the concern of oversight while we are away at work. We have enjoyed the relationship and had fun watching as the company has grown. As projects come up in the future we will continue to turn to them to handle the work.

Chris & Cynthia Haycraft,

Robert, Kevin, and Heidi are consummate professionals who were extremely easy to work with throughout the whole design and construction process. For clients building their first home, the home building process is a huge task with countless decisions to make. Robert Sanders’ personnel utilized their extensive experience to offer us great design suggestions that created a more beautiful and livable home and helped us avoid costly building mistakes so that we were 100% satisfied with our dream home. They took the time to understand what we wanted in our home and offered design choices that let us choose how to best meet our needs. They maintained excellent communications with us with prompt return of all phone calls and emails as well as consultations at the home site. Their incredible attention to construction details and meticulous completion of all construction processes resulted in us being 100% satisfied with our new home. They also have an excellent group of sub-contractors that have worked for them for many years so they are very familiar with the exacting high standards required by Robert Sanders Homes.

Phil & JoAnn Coleman,